Top 500 ATS Resume Keywords: Examples for Your Job Search

This could be a great opportunity for you to own market share on important terms, too. Just because your competitor is doing something doesn’t mean you need to. Just because a keyword is important to your competitor, doesn’t mean it’s important to you. However, understanding what keywords your competitors are trying to rank for is a great way to help you give your list of keywords another evaluation.

  • Tools like Ubersuggest can help you select the right keyword.
  • KWFinder- This is a simple tool that even a rookie SEO Specialist can use.
  • As you can see, interest for “Content Marketing” is growing fast… and fewer people are searching for “Inbound Marketing” than ever before.
  • A more recent tool I’ve come to really rate is Semrush’s Keyword Magic Tool.
  • Thus, I like this setup of Wikipedia , keyword tools like Ahrefs or Semrush, and a YouTube keyword tool like Veescore.

I use the secret formula you can find under #3 here to assign an actual value to each keyword phrase, factoring in search volume, competition and suggested bids. We recently wrote about digital marketing and produced a 6k word article about how we teach it as instructors at the University of Chicago. But, no matter how many links we build to it, it’d never rank. When you look at the intent of that search, people want a quick bullet-point list and our epic manifesto wasn’t matching. If I only had 3 keyword research tools, I’d use tools that focus more on topical research and search intent instead of “keywords.”

Keyword Discovery Tools

Looking at paid keywords ad spend can also help you know which keywords might have monetary value worth pursuing organically. If a competitor is willing to spend a high ad budget on terms and you think they do a good job running their ad campaign, then its a good indication it is worth organic ranking effort. Ahrefs is a comprehensive SEO tool that brings a lot of value to your keyword research by allowing you to see what you or your client is already ranking for. Finding keywords you already rank for is a really quick and easy way to find quick SEO wins that can improve your overall site performance faster.

Top Keyword

Prioritize the best keywords with powerful filtering options, such as volume, keyword difficulty, traffic potential, SERP features, and more. The keywords near and farther than allow you to search with spatial filters on your geo type columns with latitude/longitude data. This lets you focus your search based on distance and locations. You can specify a specific radius using miles, kilometers, or meters. We hope you like our article on the best keyword research tool to skyrocket your SEO.

Google People Also Ask

We find keywords that people search for on Google using the different source – Google Autocomplete. Unfortunately, data presented by Google Keyword Planner is meant to be used for paid advertising inside Google Ads platform. The keywords that you will find with this tool might be too generic and not very descriptive. In other words, barely useful for content marketing, blogging, or SEO. Are you a business owner, online marketer or content creator? If so, most likely you would like more people to visit your website, read your content and buy your products or services.

  • You can view the top 100 Google search results for any keyword and see which websites are ranking in the top 10.
  • While head terms generally boast the most search volume , frankly, the traffic you’ll get from the term “how to write a great blog post” is usually more desirable.
  • Someone searching for the head term “blogging,” on the other hand, could be searching it for a whole host of reasons unrelated to your business.
  • As above, you can also export the keywords or transfer them directly into the Keyword Manager.

In this post, we’ll define what keyword research is, why it’s important, how to conduct your research for your SEO strategy, and choose the right keywords for your website. It’s no secret that long-tail keywords are the new standard of SEO. Long Tail Pro keyword tool generates long-tail keywords for niche sites and has even found a cult following with content producers for micro-niche sites. It also allows you to explore competitor’s profile featuring – backlink data, organic keywords, Google/Facebook ads info and related insights.

The best free keyword research tool for paid keywords

What this means is that you should be utilizing words that your potential audience is already using while looking for similar content, products or services online. I appreciate the time and energy spent to make this article exist. Could you recommend the top three keyword tools in both paid and free versions (3 free & 3 paid). I’m the owner of a relatively new keyword tool called Keyword Supremacy. We give away free accounts so you can get as many keyword suggestions as you like for free, but getting the search volume, CPC and comp metrics are what cost money.

  • SERP tracking and analytics for SEO experts, STAT helps you stay competitive and agile with fresh insights.
  • Third, I can perform domain, subfolder or URL-level keyword gap analysis to uncover missed opportunities.
  • They work to cross-check each other using their different databases.
  • Anthony is an ASO Expert at AppTweak helping apps improve their store presence.
  • The Google Search Console isn’t a traditional keyword research tool.

For example, my average rankings for the keyword “SEO tool” is 6.2. When you click on one of THOSE results, you can see the exact search queries they’re ranking for. Your ability to produce content that exceeds in quality what’s currently ranking. So check your keyword lists to make sure you have a healthy mix of head terms and long-tail keywords.

Ask your web admin to find out what analytics product your site is using. If you’ve tasked someone else to manage your website, they can tell you where to find your site’s online analytics information. Delete the original search term what is devops engineer from the search bar and try another. Unlike other tools, there is no limit to how many times you can use this tool to find keywords. The relevant keywords that you target with your ads will bring the right audience to your website.

The features that make this stand out are the SERP overview and SERP position history. These reports give you a snapshot of how a site is doing in search for a particular keyword phrase compared with competing domains. Finding what your competition are ranking for is invaluable when building out a strategy to improve organic visibility.

Top 100 Google Most Searched Terms Globally

The last tool I use for keyword research is AnswerThePublic to find more long-tail keyword phrases that people are actually searching on Google. And finally, I use Moz to track keyword rankings and compare them with Ahrefs, Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. The three together give me a crystal-clear picture of what people are searching for, and which terms are ripe to leverage for maximum results. Semrush – This one is probably my favorite keyword research tool. I feel like there are so many different tools within Semrush that I rarely need to use anything else.

For example, people don’t even say the word “search engine” anymore; they just Google things. If you’ve been wondering what are the most popular searches on Google and what questions people ask the most on Google, you’ve come to the right place. For, in this research study of ours, we bring you the most searched keyword terms on Google. There’s a wealth of interesting insights you could draw from these lists of top Google searches that we’ve compiled across categories.

At the same time I did not want to have many words “cards” and “ecards” on the landing pages. Then for even more accurate keyword volume data I ask our PPC team to bid on a word and use the impressions and impression share metrics to get an accurate monthly search volume figure. My strategy is very simple, I generally use a combination of tools to filter out keywords + manual analysis from the Google search result data. The first one is Google Adwords Keyword Planner – it’s the king of keyword research tools as far as I’m concerned. The downside is, you have to have put at least one PPC campaign live to use it.


To kick off this process, think about the topics you want to rank for in terms of generic buckets. You’ll come up with about 5-10 topic buckets you think are important to your business, and then you’ll use those topic buckets to help come up with some specific keywords later in the process. People use keywords to find solutions when conducting research online. So if your content is successful in getting in front of our audience as they conduct searches, you stand to gain more traffic.

It combines data on CTR, search volume, and keyword difficulty to help you select the best terms for your project. It’s an all-in-one solution meant to streamline the entire category of SEO. GrowthBar is a great tool for marketers and bloggers who are in a hurry, and want ranking difficulty or keyword suggestions to appear along with their search results. For example, if you search for “netflix” and go to the Matching terms report, there are over 2.9 million keyword ideas sorted by monthly search volume. A SHORT LIST OF KEYWORDS IS A STAGNANT LIST OF KEYWORDS– While the long tail is extremely fluid and unpredictable, the most popular keywords are far more stable. Thesekeywords’ search volumesrarely change, and focusing a search campaign around acquiring this traffic can quickly lead to traffic plateaus.

2) Ahrefs – the Keyword Explorer has come a long way over the last year or so. Then, probably the most accessible tool we use is good old Google. We will often use Google Auto-Suggest and the Search Related To features to help generate seed words in our initial keyword research phase.

Most Popular Keywords

Keyword research helps you find which keywords are best to target and provides valuable insight into the queries that your target audience is actually searching on Google. The insight that you can get into these actual search terms can help inform content strategy as well as your larger marketing strategy. The Moz Keyword Explorer serves up easy to use, out-of-the-box keyword recommendations.

In its Keyword Explorer, you can enter the main search term and it will give you a list of suggestions, like most other tools on our list. Now enter any search term, select the search engine you want to target and choose a location. Then hit search and you’ll get all the details for your keyword. You can use it as a complete SEO tool book review of trade like a stock market wizard by to conduct competitor analysis, get new keyword ideas, and perform advanced organic research. And to help you uncover these keywords, you need a keyword research tool. You can brainstorm content topics, see how people are talking about a topic outside the Google search bar, and get more context on how you should talk about the topic.

I just need to find my competitors who using Adwords and review them using this tool. Note that my competitor who paid for that particular keyword knows exactly that it is important for his business including recent trends. Also using SEO feature you can input any URL and find our which keywords they are ranking for.

Obviously, the lower this number, the better chance you have of ranking #1. This page alone will usually give you a handful of solid keywords. Keywords is the estimated number of monthly organic visitors that come from Google. First, best audiobooks for learning how to trade stocks enter a competitor’s domain name in the field at the top of the page. Semrush works a little differently than the other tools I will show you. Type in some of those related search terms and look at their related search terms.

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